Alternative Museum Remo Brindisi

The House Museum, designed by Nanda Vigo, was inaugurated in 1973. Bauhaus-inspired geometric structure encloses a helical atrium and creates a perfect fusion of static and dynamic one, in analogy to the process by which the inside the private sphere and the public are integrated in a space that the white color and the neon lights help to dematerialize, in order to eliminate any line of demarcation between the house and the museum. 
At the time of death, Remo Brindisi wanted to donate the house museum and the entire collection of contemporary art to the city of Comacchio, respecting the original intentions of the artist, has strengthened the identity of the place as a cultural space experimental and alternative organizing within this picturesque setting not only exhibitions of painting and sculpture, but also lectures, concerts and theatrical performances. 
La casa museo

La casa museo

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