Boat tours

Unforgettable experience among the reeds in the oases of the Delta
With small boats, an exclusive itinerary to the discovery of a unique environment at the mouth of the Po small groups of hikers , nature lovers or fans of photography , we offer the opportunity to browse in exclusive places , where only small boats can reach . A unique environment , made of thick reeds , narrow canals and semi-submerged sandbars , where only waterfowl refuge , and where men can not help but listen to the call and admire its beauty .
Duration: 1.5 h min - max 2,5 h
Boarding: Port of Gorino
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
In the silence of the scenic area of the Po Flywheel
Small boats with electric motor we will forward in an environment of extraordinary beauty. Along the languages ​​of earth and the benches of the pine forest of the Po flywheel , so you can meet a yet unknown nature , made up of sand dunes , tall reeds, pines and sea in search of the best location for spotting beautiful aquatic birds that inhabit these distant lands man : egrets and herons , official , cormorants , loons, oystercatchers ...
Duration: 1.5 h min - max 2h
Boarding: Lido Flywheel
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
Moving inland , the discovery of the Comacchio
From the port of Porto Garibaldi , a seaside resort known for the marina and the fishing fleet , the ferries will take you along the waterway up to the valleys that take their name from the town of Comacchio. Central station of the Park of the Po Delta , the Valleys are a unique environment , a little over 13 thousand hectares of brackish water enclosed in dikes and bumps , nature reserve of outstanding landscape value and retreat very special species of waterfowl.
Duration: 2h min - max 6h
with lunch on board
Boarding: harbor of Porto Garibaldi
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
Valley Field, in the heart of the Comacchio
Beautiful trail in Valley Field, a natural oasis of great charm , not far from Saline in the Valli di Comacchio , the kingdom of flamingos and numerous waterfowl. The alternative route navigation with typical boat lagoon and walking along the banks thin dividing large brackish water , where they will be shown the traditional fishing techniques eel . You can taste typical dishes based on fish downstream .
Duration: 2h min - max 4h
with lunch on board
Boarding: Valley Golf - access from S.S. Romea 309 , Lido di Spina
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
Fishing for clams in the bay of Goro
On board a fishing vessel, spend a few hours in the company of professional fishermen who will illustrate the traditional techniques of fishing for clams . This will be an opportunity to measure our abilities, putting his hand to the tools of the trade, and fully understand the arts of the sea , who claim commitment and dedication , giving , however, wonder and satisfaction for fruit crops. All this without forgetting to enjoy the surrounding nature made ​​of salt water and narrow strips of land that are located at the mouth of the Po delta
Duration: 2h min - max 3,5 h
tasting or lunch on board
Boarding: Lido Flywheel ; port of Gorino
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
Descent of the Po River to the mouth of its delta
Starting from Gorino , you will sail along the mouth of the southern branches of the Delta, in particular the Po, until the Island of Love. In this changing environment , the human presence is witnessed by twentieth-century lighthouse , abandoned by artifacts such as the Lantern or old rice warehouse , from the many facilities for fishing, the main economic resource of the area. During the route will be lined with the National Reserve of the Sacca di Goro , Isola dei Gabbiani and Bacucco , delicate ecosystems which provide shelter to many species of waterfowl.
Boarding: Po di Goro ; port of Gorino
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
Mini-cruise along the coast to the island of love
From the port of Porto Garibaldi , a charming seaside resort known for the marina and the fishing fleet , sail along the southern Adriatic coast at the mouth of the Po delta Solcheremo the waters around the land of the Natural Reserve of the Island and Dune Bag Gorino , an area formed by sand dunes and stretches of land that separate the bag from the sea , a place of nesting , staging and wintering of many species of birds.
Duration: 3 hours min - max 6 hours with lunch on board
Boarding: harbor of Porto Garibaldi
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
Learning to sail along the coast
Ships from the modern marina Navy Este , you can navigate freely in front of the shores of Comacchio aboard small cruisers . Suitable for everyone, even those with no experience , the course will teach you the basics of sailing . Under the watchful eye of an instructor and an expert , you can immediately take control of the rudder, rule the wind and live a great adventure !
Boarding: Port of Goro
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
Towards the mouth of the Po Flywheel , close to the Gran Bosco Mesola
Starting from the Port of Goro , cross the lagoon of the same name , where we understand the production cycle of the plants to harvest clams. We will observe many species of water birds including the extensive reed beds, coastal pine forests and the natural reserve of the mouth of the Po Flywheel . We will climb the Po Flywheel , the main branch of the river delta in medieval times, until you reach the ancient Tower of Finance, fortified building for the control of trade.
Duration: about 2 hours
Boarding: Port of Goro
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
The Po di Venezia and its buse
Beautiful navigation on the Po di Venezia , which divides into the Po valley in Pila and Po di Tolle , to observe the slow change of scenery at the approach of the estuary. Continuing to Pila, it will come at the point where the river branches out again into its three mouths , Buse of the Po di Pila: Busa di Tramontana , Straight and Busa Busa di Scirocco . In the area of the mouth , from the top of the ship , you can enjoy the scenery of the reeds that mingles with the lagoons , between the stalls and the sea.
Duration: 2.5 min h max 3h
Boarding: Cà Tiepolo , Pila di Porto Tolle (RO), Cuttack (RO) and throughout the park area
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
The Po of Goro between history and nature
Starting from the picturesque backdrop of the Estense Castle of Mesola , navigation takes place between the silent flood plains inhabited by lush poplars . After stopping to visit the Regional Museum of Reclamation Cà Vendramin , you go up to the bridge of boats Gorino , ancient artifact widely used in the past to connect the two banks of the river . Once in the mouth , stop for a visit to the Island of Love Goro Lighthouse . In the opposite direction , the possibility of sailing to St. Basil , with a stop for a visit to the ancient parish church and the Cultural Tourist Center .
Duration: 1.5 h min - max 2,5 h
Boarding: Po, Mesola
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
The treasures of the lagoon
At the edge of a small, quiet boat will cross the thick reeds bag of Goro , an oasis of great ecological importance , which still takes place today the traditional clam fishing . Stop at the Old Lantern , lighthouse of the nineteenth century, today naturalistic observatory overlooking the Po di Goro and the homonymous bag . During the summer, the itinerary will sail to the mussel farms , an opportunity to tell the traditional fishing .
Duration: 2 hours
Boarding: Po Gorino
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
Boat in the Valli di Comacchio
On board a ship takes a guided tour that allows you to capture , between nature and history, the unique aspects of the valley, surrounded by hundreds of water birds , including pink flamingos in an unusual and striking. The tour includes a stop and a visit from two old fishing stations ( Pegoraro and Serilla ) , where you can see the facilities and the original furnishings of the lodges , equipment related to the life of the fishermen of the valleys, as well as a traditional fishing system ( lavoriero ) faithfully reconstructed with marsh reeds .
Duration: 1.5 h
Boarding: Fishing Foce station , Valli di Comacchio
Info: 340.2534267

 Parco del delta
Delta Park
Along the bank of the river Po
Picturesque bike path along the right bank of the Po from Starry Bondeno , passing through the historic center of Ferrara , comes to the sea, to the port of Gorino Ferrarese. The " Destra Po " , along its 125 miles of flat road , mostly for the exclusive use of cyclists and with short mixed traffic , you will appreciate the landscape of the Po Valley up to the delta of the river, one of the portions naturalistic the most significant of the Park of the Po Delta to the peculiarities of the environment , we recommend that the last stretch of the Right Po , the last 25 km relative to the municipalities of Mesola and Goro. Estense Castle of Mesola , the trail climbs along the riverbank and take on the wide bend in the river Po, along the thicket of the forest of Santa Giustina . Before arriving in Goro , you will notice the center of the small river island Rossi elongated and covered with thick vegetation in white willow . Miss only 7 km to Gorino Ferrarese, the last outpost inhabited before the sea .
Route : 25 km one way
Possibility to rent bicycles on site
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
In the Valleys of Comacchio
From the historic center of Comacchio, along the levee that runs along Valley Fattibello , you get to the station Fishing Foce, the first outpost of the valleys of Comacchio, along a path of about 4 km. From here, spread some itineraries historical nature of certain beauty , along which you can admire the vast expanses of brackish water , the old houses of vallanti and techniques , old and new , to catch eels . Turn right , walk along the embankment leading Trench Mouth in 6 kilometers to the Valley Zavelea , up to the tower to observe the marsh , reeds and many species of birds that inhabit these waters. Turning left , a 3 km long path will lead you up to the salt production , through a unique environment between brackish water which finds refuge one of the most populous Italian colonies of pink flamingos.
Path : 7 to 10 km one way
Possibility to rent bicycles on site
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
Cycling to Salina di Comacchio
From the sea you can reach the valleys and salt production along a path of about 7 miles, in some places in mixed traffic. From the seaside resort of Lido Este , along the road that runs along the marina, you will reach the harbor where , at the overpass of State Road Romea , begins the cycle path towards the unique ecosystem of the Valleys and Saline di Comacchio. Continuing along the dirt road you will come to where a closed hydraulic observation tower offering spectacular views over water brackish , on that environment in which only a few years ago found refuge flamingos. Note, along the way, what remains of the Red Tower, the sixteenth century architecture positioned to defend the sea along the ancient coastline. Continuing along the bank , you will arrive at the station Fishing Foce.
Path : 7 km one way
Possibility to rent bicycles on site
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
The oasis at the mouth of the Po Flywheel
Departing from Oasis Canneviè , where you can rent bikes , walk along the embankment driveway towards Lido di Flywheel , until you reach after about 3 miles, the locality called " Madonnina " . Start here cycling routes that will take you inside the mouth of the Po Natural Reserve of Flywheel , very special oasis composed of heterogeneous environments ranging from pine forest to the brackish lagoon , from sandbars to the beaches . Through dirt roads will be able to cross the Pineta, until the Scannone of Flywheel , stopping at the observation tower overlooking the reeds, or by following the various detours that lead to the coast and towards the pine forest behind the town .
Route: from 4 to 10 km one way
Possibility to rent bicycles on site
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
In the world of eel
In the world of eel you can enter on foot, by bike or on board a boat. Nature , environment and history intertwined with the tradition of fishing is what emerges from the visit to the " Casoni di Valle" - Serilla , Coccalino , Pegoraro - restored to their original system . At the beginning of the path, Foce Station , operates an information point from which to begin the boat routes in the valleys of Comacchio.
Daily excursions hours 09 , 11, 15, 17
Info: 340 2534267
the Territory

Navi del delta
Ships of the delta
other excursions
Downstream from the field, the paradise of the Seven Lidos of Comacchio
Valley Golf looks like a pristine oasis and as a natural paradise. Among the brackish lagoons can enjoy the natural wonders to be discovered by boat, bike or on foot tasting the many specialties of the area, one of which, the famous eel . The large valley system , developed in different paths between banks and canals , is the destination for bird lovers and those who enjoy the beauty of nature that blends human intervention that, in its secular past activity has preserved the beauty of the ancient traditions . The beauty of Valley Golf is marked with an animated landscape by colonies of water birds, many protected species , among which the beautiful pink flamingos .
Lido di Spina
Entrance from S.S. Romea 309
Info: 335.6676583
The historic center of Comacchio
It ' very special urban structure of Comacchio, the seventeenth-century town that has its roots in the mists of time. The origins date back to the seventh / eighth century AD , tells of a city born out of thirteen islands , has always been linked to the fish and salt , and strictly dependent on the vast expanse of brackish water that takes its name from Comacchio : the Valleys . Visiting Comacchio could not fail to be fascinated by the monumental bridges , canals and historic architecture , from the Porch of the Capuchins and the Cathedral of San Cassiano , the Loggia del Grano and Ancient Fish . Do not forget the city's main museums : the Museum of Roman ship , dedicated to the load of a Roman boat dating back to the first century BC, and the Manufacture of Pickled , the old factory where they discover the art of fishing and the processing of ' eel , the lady of these valleys .
Minimum length 1.5 h - 3.5 h max
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
The millenary Abbey
Pompous born in the eighth century as a small hermitage in the valleys , in the so-called insula Pomposa between the Po to fly to the south, west Gaurus ( now deceased ) and the north branch of the Abbot . The first phase of the Benedictine monastery had little resonance in the context of the historical Italian , until the beginning of the year one thousand, when Pomposa quickly became rich and famous . At that dates back the great season of the wonderful Romanesque building Pomposa , still preserved in the basilica with three naves, then painted in the fourteenth century by artists of the Bolognese school , and in the beautiful Romanesque bell tower , built in 1063 . Monastic complex also presents the Chapter Hall and the Refectory, both decorated with frescoes of the fourteenth century , and the Palazzo della Ragione. Around the first half of the eleventh century, two Guido marked the history of the convent : the first family of Ravenna Strambiati , abbot from 1008 to 1046 , started the abbey to the period of greatest prosperity ; the second , simple monaco , now known worldwide as Guido d' Arezzo , the famous inventor of modern musical notation.
Minimum length 0.5 h - 1.5 h max
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555
Guided tours in the park
The Regional Park of the Po Delta , established in 1988, is the largest of the regional parks , encloses the southern sector of the large apparatus of the Po delta and grows up to understand all the historical delta and the mouths of some Apennine rivers . An area that frames a majestic horizon where woods, pine forests and oases alternate with archaeological evidence dating back to the Etruscan period , Roman, Byzantine , architectures due to the golden age of Este not, however, forget the signs of the daily work of survival of the people who inhabited these places and helped to shape the face with environmental remediation and sewer systems.
Duration: short , half day, full day ( in a foreign language )
Info: 338.8895804 - 347.4405273
Hike to the saline Comacchio
Particularly suitable for birdwatchers, the trek starts from Station Fishing Foce, the meeting with the guide is provided at the Casone Canteen . Walk along the embankment of the Valley Fattibello , then come to the wooden bridge over the Canal Mouth of Saline embankment passing through which you get near the Red Tower and go to the Power Plant of Saline. The salt mining was discontinued in 1984 , not considering it more a lucrative business . Due to the absence of human activities and thus disorder , has been elected to many species of birds as an ideal site for nesting since 2000 and also one of the most important colonies of Italian Pink Flamingo settled there permanently . The salt marshes stretch for 600 acres and is divided into dense tangles of channels, ponds, and with closed systems divert water and some abandoned huts along the perimeter . In August , in a salinetta made ​​for educational purposes tourist , you can witness the formation of the salt crystal .
Path : 7 km approx.
Duration: 2 hours - but can take longer depending on the type of the group; departure times to be agreed with the guides
Info: 340.2534267
At the turn of the valleys and pine -old
For horse lovers and for anyone who wants to try out the emotions , we offer beautiful horseback riding in nature, to discover the unique natural and unspoiled . In the saddle to tame horses and accompanied by experienced staff , you can go through places of exquisite charm : from the valleys inhabited by flamingos, the age-old pine forests , the rivers , to the beach. The tours are suitable for all , with due attention paid , passable throughout the year , in every season, during daylight hours . They do not involve any difficulty , if not due attention to the environment around us, made ​​magical by the sense of freedom that only this sport can offer. For longer trips is scheduled lunch break. In addition , we organize horse trails for a ; entire week.
Duration 1h min - max 6h
Info: 0533.81302 - 346.5926555

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