Located at 30 km from Ferrara to the sea, we find Comacchio , the so-called "Little Venice" , which is the most original and fascinating historical center of the Po Delta Heir to ancient Spina, long disputed by Ferrara and Ravenna, Popes and emperors, has ancient origins, rose at the dawn of the Middle Ages on thirteen islands and founded exclusively on its urban and economic development .
Fishing, fish , salt production were the source of its prosperity and also of its setbacks , because of the conflict that opposed to Venice. Today it remains a city with unique architectural features intact and inhabited by people proud of their origins and strong , a city of canals, palaces and monumental bridges . Comacchio is a suggestive lagoon town dating back to late Roman times, built on 13 islands in the middle of an extensive wetlands .
The current center is rich in traces of the past : beautiful churches and monuments suspended between bridges over the canals, first of all the seventeenth Trepponti , the ancient entrance to the city. Do not miss the Roman Ship Museum , which holds the relics found aboard a merchant ship dating back to the first century BC " Trepponti " is the monumental bridge and the gate of the city , built by Cardinal Pallotta in the first half of the seventeenth century designed by the architect Luca Danese . The Trepponti consists of five arched staircases .
Coming down the central staircase , you enter the square where it takes place every morning fish market in the characteristic fish , also of the seventeenth century. Along the canal boats are moored typical of the valley ( batane ) , on which you can climb to see the city from a perspective more impressive.

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