The Po Delta and its valleys

A few kilometers from the city are the Valli di Comacchio , 11,000 hectares of brackish water area surrounded by levees and bumps rich in fauna and flora typical of lagoon environments . Particularly suggestive are the Boscoforte peninsula and the Saline , where you can see a large colony of flamingos . The Regional Park of the Po Delta is the largest regional park and occupies a major portion of the Emilia Romagna region.
The park is divided into six different zones, each of which is characterized by specific wildlife, landscape , history and culture . The visitor has the chance to explore the park through various routes of unique beauty, by car , by bike or on foot. By ferry you can make beautiful boat trips. You can, for example, reach the lighthouse of Gorino and maybe have lunch in the quaint little restaurant.
Hence the ' "attraction" is closest in Goro , where there is one of the largest farms in the Adriatic shellfish and oysters. During the excursions in the Park of the Delta, we can see flora and fauna infinitely varied according to the different environmental types of which the park is very rich . Lavender marina, baccherone , the barrel , the rare white water lily and aquatic gentian , are just some of the many species of plants that live in these wonderful places .
On dry land we meet the trabuso ours and the American one, the aquatic blackbird and the avocet nun , nesting in the tall vegetation . The reed is preferred by the kingfisher , the gazette singing .

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